Welcome to The Red Doors!

Thanks for checking out our website and online catalog!  It has been a whirlwind few months since St. Paul’s By-The-Sea voted to initiate this project, The Red Doors Community Center.  We are hoping to bring together the awesome talents and human resources of our area, to transform our sense of community, and to offer people the chance to make an impact locally.

What does that look like?  Well, classes and programs are a start.  Any time we increase the opportunities to engage in creative, educational, spiritual, or wellness pursuits, we are enriching the lives of children and adults.  I hope that among our first online catalog selections, you find something that catches your attention and speaks to your interests and needs.

How will we go beyond just offering classes?  The Red Doors isn’t just about creating opportunities to learn and socialize.  Our mission is to enrich the community in Mind, Body, and Spirit, and we’re going to do this through philanthropy.  People want to give back to their community in creative, hands-on ways.  Philanthropy programs at The Red Doors make it easy to get involved, volunteer, or even get funding to initiate an innovative community outreach of your own.  Our first two philanthropy programs are our “flagships” and we hope to nurture and expand what we start this fall with the Dish It Out at The Red Doors Microgranting series and The Red Doors Little Free Libraries Network so that these endeavors are just the start.

Thanks again for visiting The Red Doors online.  We’re looking forward to seeing you in person!

Kindest regards,

Fawn Fitzgerald Mete

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